Basement Organization |

Ben had time off over the Christmas holidays. So as soon as we got back from our various family Christmas celebrations we got to work on a few projects around the house.

I got a great new cube toy shelf on sale with some birthday money, and it inspired a whole new layout/organization design for our basement (of course all thought out in my head while lying awake one night, hehe). We created a nice, cozy seating area, bringing down the fireplace from our bedroom for added heat. We then put all the toys along the far wall and even created a ‘creative art corner’ for Aderyn (my fave part!). We hung lots of family photos in various frames we already had (from our last home, and our student homes) and now it really feels like an inviting and functional space!

Aderyn’s Creative Corner:

Such a fun area to create and display artwork! She got the awesome easel from her auntie and uncle for Christmas and the neat ‘A’ crayon art was a birthday gift made for me by a friend. I made a small ‘artwork gallery’ line to hang all her future creations on.

basement organization - 10 basement organization - 9

Toy Shelf:

We got such a good ‘boxing week’ deal on this shelf from Home Depot. I love how big it is and that I can store all of Aderyn’s little toys in the totes (like puzzles, and her train track etc.) hidden away and all in one place. I also love how I can display some of her bigger toys as part of the ‘decor’ of the room, when she is not playing with them. There was a large unpainted space, with several holes in the wall (from the previous home owner’s TV) and so I came up with the idea to hang wrapping paper on the back of the shelf to cover up all that unsightly-ness until we have the chance to fix it properly. I love how colourful and bright the polka-dot/”bubble gum” wrapping paper (only $1.50 from Michales) made the space!

basement organization - 7basement organization - 1

Seating / Fireplace Area:

We were not using the electric fireplace (that came with our house) in our bedroom, but we DID need a little extra heat this time of year in the basement. So we brought that down as well as our lamps and a reading chair and created a nice ‘conversation area’ / family room space. Now the basement isn’t ALL about the toys! It created a great place to read a good story book with daddy! We can also read and listen to podcasts etc. down there now comfortably while Aderyn plays.

basement organization - 3 basement organization - 6

View more photos here: Basement Re-Order

Looking forward to enjoying many evenings and memories in this new space.


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