Fun at Kidtastic Indoor Playground in Brantford |

I have been to 5 indoor playgrounds since Aderyn entered our lives, and Kidtastic in Brantford was the nicest one I have been to yet. A great ‘toddler’ area with lots of toys in it and a nice size play structure. A ball room, with medium and big size balls to throw around, which Aderyn enjoyed. There were lots of places for parents to sit down throughout which is always nice (especially at 7months pregnant!) It was clean and the party rooms looked very nice and were themed well with the jungle theme. I didn’t know what to expect, as there are not many photos on their website, but was pleasantly surprised.

Aderyn is such an adventurous, brave girl and ended up going through the whole big kid’s play structure, and down all the big slides all by herself. But it was also great that Ben could go through it with her the first time to show her how to get around and make her more confident in doing it herself.

It was $6.00 for her to enter (she is under two) and she had a blast so it was well worth it! Played herself an hour past nap time and was pooped by the time we left!

Photos below and a few more photos HERE


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