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3-2-1 Blast off!

We have been having a BLAST getting ready for baby boy! It was so fun to put his nursery together and so fun to be able to plan for a boy now after doing all the fun girl stuff for our first daughter!

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Space, Dinosaurs, Robots, Chemistry & Super Heroes! Everything science, inspirational and fantastical for our little boy’s science themed nursery.

Design Inspiration

Daddy has always had an interest in Sci-Fi, space and comic books. So we decided to do a fusion of all things science.

Decorating Style

DIY: Crafts, Custom designed art work

Budget Design: Lots of Kijiji / second hand finds!

Up-Cycling: Using things we already had and making them work together in the room

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Project Details

Baby’s Name: I wanted to spell the baby’s name using periodic table elements. I simply created them images in photoshop and framed them!

Art Work: I designed all the artwork using the same 5 colours to create cohesion. I love the periodic table ABCs and the 321 Blast off. I also had fun choosing various inspirational quotes to use on the art work. I thought the chemistry bottles were cute to look like various potions and lotions above the change table.

Comic Book Airplane Mobile: I printed out Comic book pages on 8.5×11 paper, front and back,Β  and my husband folded all the paper airplanes! We used a piece of bamboo stick we had, painting it black, and then taped the airplanes to black wire and attached the wire to the bamboo structure.

Disney Speck-Tacular Specialty Finish: I came across this paint when looking up ‘glitter wall paint’ as I was hoping to create a star/galaxy feature wall. I got a small can of this finish at WalMart and it simply is a clear top coat that you can apply over the paint for a Speck-Tacular look!

Dinosaurs: I HAD to incorporate dinos somewhere (they are so “BOY” to me.) So I got two toy dinos from the dollar store and then made the “Rawr” art and the repeat pattern dinosaurs image to make a simple Dino vignette for on the shelf.

Bookshelves: I have used these book shelves in three different spaces! First they were white in my daughter’s nursery and then lime green in our play room, and now they are black for this room. I like how they look hanging in the corner like this.

Change Table: I had this old ‘washstand’ already, it came with our last home. It was a dark wood tone so my husband painted it black and we added a change pad to the top. The shelf beside the change table is a CD/DVD shelf we already had and will work great to store creams and diapers on. I plan to get baskets for on it to keep everything in.

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Favorite Items

Mobile, Custom Art Work, Bookshelf corner, Robot blankets, Curtains.

curtains (8 of 5)

Love the fabric I found for the curtains. It is called “Lab Animals, Turquoise” by Michael Miller. I got it at Lens Mills but it can be found online as well.

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planes (2 of 2)curtains (9 of 5)

Robot quilt made by my grandma!

qilt (5 of 1)baby_boy_nursery (6 of 60) baby_boy_nursery (27 of 60) baby_boy_nursery (34 of 60) baby_boy_nursery (1 of 60) - Copy

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Go with what you LOVE. Don’t be afraid to mix and match items and think big with your theme. Instead of focusing on just one thing, such as ‘robots’, why not take on a larger theme like ‘Science’. Simply use the same colour tones throughout to pull a larger theme like this together.

(image gallery contains images where ‘name’ is covering up the baby’s real name. I will have to remember to replace those with the proper images once he is born!)


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