Mommas and their Babies |

Okay, this is probably just me being extra hormonal and only a month away from meeting my new little baby boy…. but are these paintings not just the most beautiful pieces of art you have ever seen?

I love looking at all of these mommy/baby moments from various women, from various parts of the world in various times.

Goes to show that the love of a mother for her child is a universal and an innate quality that mothers everywhere share.

I would love to get some of these printed and framed for in my bedroom!

Update: I DID end up printing some for my room – love how they look!

1510478_10100591082528570_2891089914286035094_n 10922713_10100591083381860_5780287843369224310_n


16268_Mother_and_Child_f 21926_Mother_and_Child_Smiling_at_Each_Other_f 34013-Mother and Child in the Garden Mother-and-Child-Painting - Copy201011182219476875_s Mother and Child - CopyΒ  Mother And Child X Mother_and_Child_-_Mary_Cassatt - Copy Mother-and-Child-2 - Copy mother-and-child-334771-In_The_Orchard Frederick-Warren-Freer-xx-Mother-and-Child-Reading-xx-Montgomery-Museum-of-Fine-Artsgiuseppe-magni-a-mother-with-childrenmother-combing-her-child-s-hair-1879Mother And Child 7


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