Valentine’s 2015 |

What a FUN day we had together.

We started the day off with Aderyn’s treat bag and she loved all her items (Owl stickers, Elmo Valentine colouring book, heart necklaces, heart hair bows and a Dora ABC book. All in a little birdy bag)

She gave daddy the card she made him and a big kiss! She gave daddy that card from mommy and they shared his dark chocolate.

Daddy gave mommy a BEAUTIFUL poem he wrote her and the night before mommy made daddy a ‘All the Small Things’ heart made of notes on the bathroom mirror.

After breakfast we went to the Library where we got some great Valentine books and had fun with the puppets and puzzles! We then stopped at Coffee Culture for tea and treats!

What a great day celebrating our love for each other!

Sweet Valentines Kisses at Coffee Culture |

Aderyn Opening Her Treat Bag |

vday card2

3 years mommy and me 3images three balloon with flare


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