The Countdown Begins |

Aderyn is going to be THREE at the end of the month!

This is the first year that Aderyn is super excited about her birthday and understands what is going to happen… i.e Cake, balloons, party, presents, family and friends!! FUN!

SO I thought it would be fun to have a ‘countdown to her birthday’ of some kind as I kept saying to her “Your birthday is after Christmas” and we had a book count down to Christmas… SO I thought she might get confused when her birthday wasn’t right after Christmas… so I got this poster online, made it a bit smaller and customized it with all her info/colours and fairies!

bday countdown

We are going to place a sticker on it each day to count down to her birthday (the 28th) and her party day (the 30th).

Here is a general version of the poster in the 11×17 size with the colours on it, in case you want to add in your little one’s info to it and count down to their birthday:11x17 Bday Countdown Poster

And HERE is the original source I got the ‘freebie’ from in case you want a larger version in black and white:


We are so looking forward to celebrating Aderyn’s 3rd Bday!! Here is her Invitation:

invite blur


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