Aderyn is FOUR!

We had so much fun celebrating our sweet girl’s 4th birthday.

We kept things simple this year, celebrating with family at their homes over the holidays (while all the aunties and uncles were home) and then having presents and decorations and pancakes and an outting on Aderyn’s actual birthday, here at home.

The night before her bday baby brandt Β had his first trip to the ER for an ear infection. I was worried about him the whole time setting up the birthday surprises as daddy and Brandt didn’t get home till after 10pm!

But the morning full of surprises was just lovely. Aderyn loved all her gifts, chapter books, a big bag of art supplies, and Mooshka doll named Ina who is an artist and looks just like her! She also got an awesome star projector lamp from baby brother and a beautiful butterfly dance outfit too.

We had planned to go to Kelly’s Bake Shoppe for a cupcake and then to an indoor playground afterward. But, since Brandt was not feeling well, Aderyn and I went into London to Boombox Bake Shoppe and she have a cupcake and danced to the music. Then we went to scholar’s choice afterward where Aderyn did some crafts and played with some toys and we bought a frogs jumping game.

In the words of one of Aderyn and my favourite songs together: “Can you see, what I see in you?” That is my hope for her. That she will always see the beauty, creativity, cleverness and kindness that I see in her everyday. Happy 4th birthday my sweet, precious gal Attyjoy. So proud to be your momma! “This life is an exploration, and you gotta see what I see in you…The sun does shine!”


  • He reaction to the “Consellation projector” in the basement. She loved trying to touch the moons and she tucked herself all into bed under the blankets and loved looking up at them. We were down there for 1/2hour and then she wanted to go back down later to show Nan and Granny on video chat.
  • He reaction to her butterfly dress, she waves/spun it around and then gave it a big hug.
  • When she was opening all the art supplies, exctied about them and serious about how much she liked them. Takes art very seriously.
  • Her running around with her balloons “Just like when she was little” she said looking at the picture of herself at her 2nd birthday running around with them
  • Her excitement when getting/eating her cupcake and then her adorable dancing to the music at the Boombox Bake Shoppe.



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