Brandt is Chugga-Chugga TWO TWO!

We had so much fun celebrating our sweet Brandtyboy as he turned the big Chugga-Chugga-TWO TWO!

He loved all of the attention and the cake and of course all of the fun gifts he got (especially the trains and vehichles!)

Brandt came down to the setup and his morning surprises, then we had some waffels and then opened the rest of his gifts. Once he saw the Thomas on the side of the lego bag he kept saying “Open, open, open!” He loved all his thomas stuff and puzzles and dino train track and “copter” from sister. He and Aderyn had fun running around with the balloons afterwards.

Nan and Pop came in the afternoon and Ben and I went out for a belated Valentines. Then when we got back we had cake and opened presents from them.

On his actual birthday (the Monday) daddy took the day off work and we went to Skeddadle Kids Indoor Playground in Milton. It was a really good playground as it had a nice variety of things (rock wall, trampoline, ball pit with blower and slides etc.) they also had a ride on Thomas ramp and lots of ride on cars and little cars for Brandt to play with which was great!

We went to Bliss Kitchen for some yummy vegan food on the way home.

How did we go from this…to this so quickly?! Love you Brandt.



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