Love-in-tines-Day! 2017

We love to celebrate Valentines Day at our house. Ben and I got engaged on Valentines so it has been an extra special day for us since then.

This year I decided to get Valentines ‘baskets’ for the kids and was on the look out for fun items from Goodwill and the dollar store for a few months leading up to Valentines. Found Brandt a Thomas phone and Aderyn Princess figures at Goodwill and got all their books there to for .75cents each!

Aderyn was “wishing for a heart balloon” since looking at her Valentines photos from two years before. So I picked a Dog with a heart for her and a Frog with a heart for Brandt.

After opening their Valentine’s baskets we went down to Burlington to Kelly’s Bake Shoppe for some yummy vegan treats! It was So yummy and such a fun/cute shoppe. Afterwards we went to Ikea where we got a new bench and table and swing for the kid’s new basement play/learning space. We also got some lovely plants for down there and a cactus for me (“from Ben”) for Valentines. We ate ‘Monster Balls’ at the cafeteria.

Such a lovely Valentine’s day!


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