Our New Basement Learning and Play Space

Part play room + part home school space = Lots of fun!

Re-organized our basement and painted it white to brighten it up. Installed some swings, the green swing is from ikea and the daisy disc swing I found on ebay. I had a disc swing growing up and loved it, so I was so excited to put one of those in for the kids. We got rid of some old furniture we didn’t need/use and it it’s place got a new bench/shelf from Ikea as well as a play/storage table.

Now the space is more open and there are more usable playing surfaces for building lego and blocks on. And there is a lot of new storage drawers for all of the smaller toy items we are starting to get into.

Slowly, the space can transition into even more of a learning space, but for now it is a perfect combination of play and learning! And hey, why not as they learn SO much as they play!

A Few Fave Details:

Tree Wall Hanging – Ebay

Plants – IKEA

Clip Boards for Kid’s Art – Dollar Store

Growth Chart Ruler – Local Crafter

Green “grass” rugs under Swings – IKEA

Retro Desks – From my In-laws

Vintage Nursery Rhyme Print – Book Page from a Thrift Store



They were playing “Babies” SO cute together – seen in video below:


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