Easter 2017

Happy Easter 201714This year we went to a Vegan Easter Egg Hunt at Frog Hollow Farm Sanctuary. We had so much fun meeting all the animals and participating in the egg hunt. Aderyn kept holding Brandt’s hand and putting her arm around him to keep him safe with the animals, it was so sweet. Aderyn loved climbing to the top of the pirate ship too! It was extra fun to search for eggs in the forest! We ended the day there with lunch from the Globally Local food truck that came right to the farm!

On Saturday we had Easter baskets at home followed by an egg hunt in the back yard! The kids came up to see their kites hanging up and got to open their wrapped Easter basket surprises! Aderyn loved the wind up chick she had been wishing for and loved her Dora back pack and sparkly hair brush and kaleidoscope especially. Brandt loved his little red fire truck with a face, his Easter play dough and Monster truck books! Then they got to open their gift bag which had their first ever Hot Wheels track and clamp in it. They both loved setting that up in a variety of different ways and were both excited and in a “need for speed” mode, it was too funny.

It was SO nice outside, after a rainy morning, and so after collecting the eggs they got to open them on the deck. I had taped them all shut (knowing brandt would want to open them right away). Brandt loved his Thomas surprise bags and his dinky cars and blue Busey! Aderyn loved her Shopkins backpacks and Shopkins markers, stamps and candy rings. They got some fun bag/pop/blown up balloons too which were fun to watch pop and expand!

Aderyn wanted to fly her kite after the egg hunt and it was a perfect evening breeze for it. It turned out to be a trick kite and it was so fun to play it together!

On Sunday we went to Grams and Grandpa’s house for fun and playing with cousins!

basketsegg hunt 3egg huntegg hunt2Happy Easter 2017hunt 3kiteour family



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