Easter 2017

Happy Easter 201714This year we went to a Vegan Easter Egg Hunt at Frog Hollow Farm Sanctuary. We had so much fun meeting all the animals and participating in the egg hunt. Aderyn kept holding Brandt’s hand and putting her arm around him to keep him safe with the animals, it was so sweet. Aderyn loved climbing to the top of the pirate ship too! It was extra fun to search for eggs in the forest! We ended the day there with lunch from the Globally Local food truck that came right to the farm!

On Saturday we had Easter baskets at home followed by an egg hunt in the back yard! The kids came up to see their kites hanging up and got to open their wrapped Easter basket surprises! Aderyn loved the wind up chick she had been wishing for and loved her Dora back pack and sparkly hair brush and kaleidoscope especially. Brandt loved his little red fire truck with a face, his Easter play dough and Monster truck books! Then they got to open their gift bag which had their first ever Hot Wheels track and clamp in it. They both loved setting that up in a variety of different ways and were both excited and in a “need for speed” mode, it was too funny.

It was SO nice outside, after a rainy morning, and so after collecting the eggs they got to open them on the deck. I had taped them all shut (knowing brandt would want to open them right away). Brandt loved his Thomas surprise bags and his dinky cars and blue Busey! Aderyn loved her Shopkins backpacks and Shopkins markers, stamps and candy rings. They got some fun bag/pop/blown up balloons too which were fun to watch pop and expand!

Aderyn wanted to fly her kite after the egg hunt and it was a perfect evening breeze for it. It turned out to be a trick kite and it was so fun to play it together!

On Sunday we went to Grams and Grandpa’s house for fun and playing with cousins!

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$5 Goodwill Challenges


I recently discovered the seasonal $5 Goodwill challenges hosted by Hilary of My So Called Home on youtube! I loved watching what other youtubers were finding for $5 or less, from their favourite thrift stores, to add to their seasonal decor! And I realized that it seemed like the perfect new little hobby for me as I love finding a great deal and I also love taking something old and crafting it into something new. I already had the youtube channel to post on and so I did my first $5 challenge for Christmas 2016 and had fun doing it! I just did the spring one and it was so fun to be on the hunt for a few months any time I was in a thrift store to find a few items for my spring $5 challenge!

Our New Basement Learning and Play Space

Part play room + part home school space = Lots of fun!

Re-organized our basement and painted it white to brighten it up. Installed some swings, the green swing is from ikea and the daisy disc swing I found on ebay. I had a disc swing growing up and loved it, so I was so excited to put one of those in for the kids. We got rid of some old furniture we didn’t need/use and it it’s place got a new bench/shelf from Ikea as well as a play/storage table.

Now the space is more open and there are more usable playing surfaces for building lego and blocks on. And there is a lot of new storage drawers for all of the smaller toy items we are starting to get into.

Slowly, the space can transition into even more of a learning space, but for now it is a perfect combination of play and learning! And hey, why not as they learn SO much as they play!

A Few Fave Details:

Tree Wall Hanging – Ebay

Plants – IKEA

Clip Boards for Kid’s Art – Dollar Store

Growth Chart Ruler – Local Crafter

Green “grass” rugs under Swings – IKEA

Retro Desks – From my In-laws

Vintage Nursery Rhyme Print – Book Page from a Thrift Store



They were playing “Babies” SO cute together – seen in video below:

Brandt is Chugga-Chugga TWO TWO!

We had so much fun celebrating our sweet Brandtyboy as he turned the big Chugga-Chugga-TWO TWO!

He loved all of the attention and the cake and of course all of the fun gifts he got (especially the trains and vehichles!)

Brandt came down to the setup and his morning surprises, then we had some waffels and then opened the rest of his gifts. Once he saw the Thomas on the side of the lego bag he kept saying “Open, open, open!” He loved all his thomas stuff and puzzles and dino train track and “copter” from sister. He and Aderyn had fun running around with the balloons afterwards.

Nan and Pop came in the afternoon and Ben and I went out for a belated Valentines. Then when we got back we had cake and opened presents from them.

On his actual birthday (the Monday) daddy took the day off work and we went to Skeddadle Kids Indoor Playground in Milton. It was a really good playground as it had a nice variety of things (rock wall, trampoline, ball pit with blower and slides etc.) they also had a ride on Thomas ramp and lots of ride on cars and little cars for Brandt to play with which was great!

We went to Bliss Kitchen for some yummy vegan food on the way home.

How did we go from this…to this so quickly?! Love you Brandt.


Love-in-tines-Day! 2017

We love to celebrate Valentines Day at our house. Ben and I got engaged on Valentines so it has been an extra special day for us since then.

This year I decided to get Valentines ‘baskets’ for the kids and was on the look out for fun items from Goodwill and the dollar store for a few months leading up to Valentines. Found Brandt a Thomas phone and Aderyn Princess figures at Goodwill and got all their books there to for .75cents each!

Aderyn was “wishing for a heart balloon” since looking at her Valentines photos from two years before. So I picked a Dog with a heart for her and a Frog with a heart for Brandt.

After opening their Valentine’s baskets we went down to Burlington to Kelly’s Bake Shoppe for some yummy vegan treats! It was So yummy and such a fun/cute shoppe. Afterwards we went to Ikea where we got a new bench and table and swing for the kid’s new basement play/learning space. We also got some lovely plants for down there and a cactus for me (“from Ben”) for Valentines. We ate ‘Monster Balls’ at the cafeteria.

Such a lovely Valentine’s day!

Aderyn is FOUR!

We had so much fun celebrating our sweet girl’s 4th birthday.

We kept things simple this year, celebrating with family at their homes over the holidays (while all the aunties and uncles were home) and then having presents and decorations and pancakes and an outting on Aderyn’s actual birthday, here at home.

The night before her bday baby brandt  had his first trip to the ER for an ear infection. I was worried about him the whole time setting up the birthday surprises as daddy and Brandt didn’t get home till after 10pm!

But the morning full of surprises was just lovely. Aderyn loved all her gifts, chapter books, a big bag of art supplies, and Mooshka doll named Ina who is an artist and looks just like her! She also got an awesome star projector lamp from baby brother and a beautiful butterfly dance outfit too.

We had planned to go to Kelly’s Bake Shoppe for a cupcake and then to an indoor playground afterward. But, since Brandt was not feeling well, Aderyn and I went into London to Boombox Bake Shoppe and she have a cupcake and danced to the music. Then we went to scholar’s choice afterward where Aderyn did some crafts and played with some toys and we bought a frogs jumping game.

In the words of one of Aderyn and my favourite songs together: “Can you see, what I see in you?” That is my hope for her. That she will always see the beauty, creativity, cleverness and kindness that I see in her everyday. Happy 4th birthday my sweet, precious gal Attyjoy. So proud to be your momma! “This life is an exploration, and you gotta see what I see in you…The sun does shine!”


  • He reaction to the “Consellation projector” in the basement. She loved trying to touch the moons and she tucked herself all into bed under the blankets and loved looking up at them. We were down there for 1/2hour and then she wanted to go back down later to show Nan and Granny on video chat.
  • He reaction to her butterfly dress, she waves/spun it around and then gave it a big hug.
  • When she was opening all the art supplies, exctied about them and serious about how much she liked them. Takes art very seriously.
  • Her running around with her balloons “Just like when she was little” she said looking at the picture of herself at her 2nd birthday running around with them
  • Her excitement when getting/eating her cupcake and then her adorable dancing to the music at the Boombox Bake Shoppe.