Halloween – 2016

So much fun this Halloween!

We went to the fusion centre again and Aderyn dressed up as Dorothy for that party and Brandt was the Scarecrow!

Then on actual Halloween Aderyn was Tinkerbell and Brandt was Peter Pan! They were adorable!!

They loved going around the neighbourhood to collect candy this year! Brandt got a sucker and carried it around and then he was given a 2nd sucker and he ditched the first one in favour of the second. It was pretty cute.




Summer Holiday – 2016

This summer we went for a family Holiday at Birch Bend Resort in Buckhorn on Upper Chemong Lake.

Aderyn enjoyed the Boat Ride and swimming and went for a canoe ride with daddy. She got her first big girl nail polish at the mall and enjoyed a visit to the zoo. She loved seeing the otters at the zoo.

Brandt loved playing with the trucks and going down to the beach/water everyday. He also got to ride his first little train at River Park Zoo.

Mommy and daddy loved watching all of the beautiful sunsets over the lake from the porch of their cabin! And spending lots of time with their sweet kiddos and each other.


Easter FUN!

We had such a fun Easter with the kids this year.

We did our very own Egg Hunt in the yard and it was a BIG Hit! Aderyn was so EGG-cited and loved finding them all and putting them in her basket.

She would shake/listen to them and then open them. Fave moment was when she opened her first egg and saw that there was a Shopkins instead and she looked up at me and said “I was wish-in.” Made all the effort looking for them and finding them on kijiji all worth it! The beginning of her Shopkins collection.

Was excited to get custom baskets for the kids this year! I designed the image and then I got the decals made through a lady I met at a craft sale and I love how they turned out.

Aderyn also wanted to make “and Easter Christmas tree” so that was fun to put together too.easterhuntandbasketsathome-3-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-7-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-11-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-17-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-21-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-25-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-26-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-28-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-33-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-35-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-37-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-44-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-53-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-59-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-61-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-62-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-63-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-73-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-77-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-82-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-84-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-89-of-92easterhuntandbasketsathome-101-of-31easterhuntandbasketsathome-102-of-31excited